Is there such a thing as Gluten-free Oats?

We often get questions from customers asking if our oats are gluten-free. And we have to answer that they aren’t. And yet I see oats that claim to be gluten-free. So how is it possible for some oats to be … Continue reading

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I never make a bad loaf of bread now, since changing over to Kialla flour… I can’t get over the superior quality of your product. I have bought some for everyone in my family.
Cherie W (home baker)
Just started using Kialla’s Premium Bakers Flour. I’m loving the fact that I have a strong flour I can rely on as the basis for all my sourdough breads… its performing beautifully!
Laurie from Chalala Micro Bakery, Pittsworth, Qld
Hello, I have just discovered your wonderful website and would like to congratulate you on such an interesting and well constructed site. Especially the recipes… just up my street. Many thanks.
Shirley Watney, ConsumerShirley Watney, Consumer
I always get the best result using your Organic Rye flour!
Pernille Berg Larsen, baking teacher & author
We’ve been using Kialla’s products for approximately seven years now, making the change to Organic Spelt Flour following the discovery that my son had a wheat and dairy intolerance. I have found that our whole family’s health has improved.
Jacqui Mead, ConsumerJacqui Mead, Consumer
We’ve found that Kialla popcorn is the best – it pops so much better than other popcorns, and it tastes great. Our kids love it.
Pauline Mirabelli from Simply Honest Foods