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Storing your grains and flours at home

We recommend that in the summer months, or if you live in warmer climates, that you store your product in the refrigerator.

If keeping your grains and flours in outside the fridge is appropriate in your climate, always store your filled containers in a dry, preferably darkened area.

Ensure the temperature remains fairly constant.
Heat, and temperature variation, are the enemies of food storage.

Remember that your organic product doesn't have any residual chemicals to keep moths at bay,  so it may be susceptible to pest infestation in your pantry cupboard.

Our recommended shelf life for our milled product is 24 months after the production date.

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  • Pernille Berg Larsen, Baking Teacher & Author

    I always get the best result using your Organic Rye flour!

  • Cherie W., Home Baker

    I never make a bad loaf of bread now, since changing over to Kialla flour… I can’t get over the superior quality of your product. I have bought some for everyone in my family.

  • Pauline Mirabelli from Simply Honest Foods

    We’ve found that Kialla popcorn is the best – it pops so much better than other popcorns, and it tastes great. Our kids love it.

  • Jacqui Mead, Consumer

    We’ve been using Kialla’s products for approximately seven years now, making the change to Organic Spelt Flour following the discovery that my son had a wheat and dairy intolerance. I have found that our whole family’s health has improved.

  • Jane Radcliffe, Ruby Do Organic Bakery Cafe.

    When you work with fabulous products the rest is easy.

  • Rebecca Laughery, Consumer

    We’ve tried several other pancake mixes but nothing comes close to yours!

  • Mrs Ergül of Mrs Ergül's Delish Treats

    I truly like the transparency and traceability that Kialla Pure Foods offers. I’m actually able to see which farm grew the wheat milled into my 10kg bag of flour. This really sealed the deal for me. And I feel that Kialla sets themselves apart in this sense.

  • Ox Noonan at Ox the Baker, Melbourne

    Our bread can only be possible because of the amazing flour you supply us with, so thank you!

  • Lisa, owner & baker at Sweet Tooth Noosa

    Of all the brands of flour I have used Kialla is by far the BEST!

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