Here is the home baking version of the Ancient 5 Grain Bread Mix

Bread Maker

Bread Mix 500g

Dry Bakers Yeast 7g

Water 285 mls approx.


You can use either the Multigrain Bread or Rapid Bake setting.

Set of large loaf dark colour


If you wish to bake loaf in your own oven, set on Pizza dough and allow mixing cycle to end before removing and processing.



1)Cold Fermented Dough – For a different flavoured product, mix dough and shape into desired size and put into fridge to allow it to cold ferment over night.

Then removed from fridge in morning allow it to get to room temp then bake, no proofing required.

2) Savoury Option Add 4g green peppercorns and 1g fennel to mix.

3) Sweet Option Add 30g sugar + 20g oil. Allow dough to mix then fold through 150g dried fruit.