Non-gluten mixed grains

Our Non-Gluten Grain Flour has been developed in association with TAFE SA lecturers and students. Angelo Lipari our sales manager has a background in developing baked goods, and worked with the lecturers to formulate the recipe which students trialled and tested over a 3 month period for it’s performance in breads, pastries, batters and cakes.
For recipes visit our Non-Gluten Grain Flour recipe page.

The flour is comprised of sorghum, maize, buckwheat & quinoa, all of which are inherently gluten free. You can read about the history and uses of these grains by visiting each of the grain product pages.

While these grains don’t contain gluten they are produced in a mill that also manufactures wheat products.

We take the utmost care to keep these grains gluten free through having dedicated non-gluten milling lines and a specific and comprehensive clean down procedure before milling any non-gluten grains to minimise cross-contamination. We also test the products at the mill with a method that is accurate to 10 parts per million, and we use independent labs to verify.

Internationally a gluten-free product must test at less than 20 ppm (parts per million). While this complies with the International Codex, FSANZ (Food Standards Australia & NZ) have determined that gluten-free products must test at levels lower than 3ppm (parts per million) showing ‘non-detectable’ gluten.

Because we also mill wheat flour onsite, it is extremely difficult to meet the FSANZ standard of 3ppm for Australian manufactured ‘gluten-free’ products. Thus we do not claim this is a gluten-free product according to FSANZ standards.

Even at 10ppm the non-gluten flour is 99.9% gluten-free.

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