Our non-gluten grain standards

Wheat contains gluten, and all Kialla products are produced in a facility that also mills wheat.

We mill a number of non glutinous grains and to do this we have designated non gluten mills to reduce any cross contaminates. On site we utilise four mills to be able to create product segregation. Kialla Pure Foods has one pack out line which packs flour and kibble products from all four mills. In between each product change a full clean out of the equipment is performed to remove any product remaining within the packing lines. This is then followed by a flush of new product through the mill packing lines to remove any hang ups that may be present within the packing equipment. The flush is then discarded and the new product packed.

In the event that Kialla is performing a product change from an allergenic grain, ie. Wheat, a allergen in house test kit will be used to determine if the clean out and flush has been sufficient enough to clear the lines of allergenic material. Even though Kialla does not guarantee allergen free products we complete internal testing with a level of detection of 10 parts per million (ppm). These results will be shown on our Certificate of Conformity as one of the following; <10ppm (being less than 10ppm), >10ppm (being greater than 10ppm) or (Prior Product Not An Allergen). An example of an allergen testing protocol is: production of an allergen is followed by a full clean down and flush of equipment. The next product produced is then allergen tested. The product is then allergen tested. If found to have tested positive, that batch is recorded as positive (>10ppm). Each pallet of product is then tested until a negative result is achieved. From this point a new batch number is assigned to the negative batch. This is then recorded as negative (<10ppm). If a non allergen product is packed directly after the negative tested product, it will be recorded as – (Prior Product Not An Allergen).

While we take the utmost care to keep these flours non-gluten, there is a very low possibility of cross contaminates occurring.

What you need to know about gluten standards in food

The FSANZ (Food Standards Australia and New Zealand) sets the standard for declaring a gluten-free product. Standards 1.2.7 along with the nutrition content claims schedule state there must be no detection of gluten to make a gluten-free claim. To make a low gluten claim products must be below 20mg gluten per 100g. All gluten-free products within Australia must be ND (Nil Detected).

Other Allergens

Kialla Pure Foods declares egg, soy, buckwheat, gluten, and milk as allergens on-site because these are either present in the grain or we add them to some products. This does not mean that each allergen is present in every product.

We segregate allergenic product at all times and some allergens may only apply to specific production lines. As best practice of allergen management, Kialla Pure Foods conducts VITAL assessments to ensure the correct “may be present” statements apply.