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If you’re looking for our plate2farm tracker, because you want to know who grew your grain, you’ll find it here.

If you’re a grower of organic grains, we’re designing a resource for all our growers and potential growers that will be available on this page. We’re inviting your feedback and we’d like to know what topics you want us to cover. If you have suggestions or requests please contact us.

Growers who are interested in supplying organic grain to Kialla are also invited to contact our Grain Procurement Manager David Thompson via email ( or phone him on 07 4697 0314 or mobile: 0419 611 962.

David is a qualified flour miller and has been involved specifically with the grain industry since 1988 having been employed with Defiance Milling Company, Goodman Fielder, AustGrains International, Farmarco and Agvantage Commodities in grain related roles.

He has a knowledge of grain production Australia wide and also has experience in New Zealand, including import and export of grains for both countries.

Our previous grain buyer Rob Wilson remains a member of the Kialla Group managing Kialla Farms, a joint venture partnership with investment company Blue Sky Farming. Rob will continue to be a valuable resource to the company and the general industry with his experience and practical knowledge of the farming and grain industry, as he transitions the Central Queensland farm to fully certified organic status.

The Kialla Group, Kialla Pure Foods and Aus Organic Feeds, sources a wide range of grain types and qualities from Australian growers to satisfy the increasing domestic and international customers wanting organic products.

The continued growth of organic products worldwide has increased the demand for certified organic grains.
The Kialla Group looks to lead the way through encouraging the retention of our existing growers, and through introducing new producers to the organic industry.

Supply of high quality organic raw materials is critical in the organic industry, which is growing exponentially every year.
Since the late 1980’s, Kialla has built a network of suppliers and continues to expand its supplier network as the business grows.

It is Kialla’s primary objective to source Australian grown grain. This is not always possible as seasonal conditions don’t always allow sufficient production to meet demand. Kialla continues to work with growers to expand the type of grains grown for our markets.

Kialla Pure Foods and Aus Organic Feeds have a number of accreditations required by our customers domestically and internationally. These accreditations ensure that consumers can have a high level of confidence in the authenticity, quality and safety of Kialla Group products.

Kialla can assist growers in maintaining accreditation status and gaining additional accreditations to meet our customers’ requirements.

The Kialla Group contracts grain, both fixed tonnes and area contracts, sharing production risk with the grower. Contracts are done to industry best practice with clear and concise details for both buyer and seller to adhere with. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver payment terms accurately and on-time to our suppliers. Contracted grain is purchased to recieval standards based on industry-accepted national standards. The diversity of markets that we supply provides the opportunity for most grain supplies to be accepted, where it does not impede human and animal health standards. We will continue to assist suppliers to achieve the best possible outcome for out-of- specification grain.

Kialla is committed to furthering research and development in organic farming, and in supporting Australian farmers to ensure sustainability for all in the supply chain.

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  • Pernille Berg Larsen, Baking Teacher & Author

    I always get the best result using your Organic Rye flour!

  • Cherie W., Home Baker

    I never make a bad loaf of bread now, since changing over to Kialla flour… I can’t get over the superior quality of your product. I have bought some for everyone in my family.

  • Pauline Mirabelli from Simply Honest Foods

    We’ve found that Kialla popcorn is the best – it pops so much better than other popcorns, and it tastes great. Our kids love it.

  • Mrs Ergül of Mrs Ergül's Delish Treats

    I truly like the transparency and traceability that Kialla Pure Foods offers. I’m actually able to see which farm grew the wheat milled into my 10kg bag of flour. This really sealed the deal for me. And I feel that Kialla sets themselves apart in this sense.

  • Rebecca Laughery, Consumer

    We’ve tried several other pancake mixes but nothing comes close to yours!

  • Lisa, owner & baker at Sweet Tooth Noosa

    Of all the brands of flour I have used Kialla is by far the BEST!

  • Meredith J. Home Baker

    Kialla is the best flour I’ve ever used – and that includes some great US flours. Please keep milling forever!!

  • Jacqui Mead, Consumer

    We’ve been using Kialla’s products for approximately seven years now, making the change to Organic Spelt Flour following the discovery that my son had a wheat and dairy intolerance. I have found that our whole family’s health has improved.

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