Danny and Vicki, Westmar, Qld

Danny and Vicki grow wheat for Kialla on their 1721 hectare property near Westmar on the Western Downs. Danny’s father bought the farm in 1972, mostly for cattle, and Danny took it over in 1988 after his father died. He was encouraged to begin farming it organically by some of the same early organic pioneers […]

Geoff, Thallon, Qld

Geoff’s 1400 hectare farm is about 40km north of the NSW border, near the small town of Thallon on the Western Darling Downs. This is where he produces A-Grade Certified Organic wheat for Kialla. Back in 2015 he began growing wheat on land that hadn’t been fertilised artificially for some years. We then sold this […]

Talbot, Yuleba, Qld

Talbot’s family has been farming in the Yuleba area for about 100 years. Back then everything was ‘organic’ in the sense that we understand it today. However, now they farm a mix of conventional and organic farming. Of their 8500 hectares, about 1200 is farmed using organic methods, which means no artificial fertilisers or chemicals […]

Talbot, Yuleba, Qld

Talbot의 가족은 Yuleba지역에서 100년동안 농사를 지으며 살아 왔습니다. 그 당시의 농장은 모두 유기농을 재배하였고 지금은 전통 농업과 유기농업을 동시에 경영하고 있습니다. 그의 가족은 총 8500헥타르의 땅을 소유하고 있으며 그 중의 1200헥타르는 유기재배 방식을 사용합니다. 다시 말해서 화학비료와 농약 등을 사용하지 않습니다. 토질, 그리고 화학비료를 사용하지 않는 이유로 유기농작물은 일반적으로 전통농작물보다 생산량이 적습니다. 유기농 식품이 보통 […]

Talbot, Yuleba, Qld – クイーンランド州ユレバのタルボットさん

タルボット家は、約100年にわたりユレバ地区で農業を営んできました。当時、全ての農業活動は「オーガニック」(有機農法)でした。現在は、非有機と有機農業を同時進行。全8,500ヘクタールの農地のうち1,200ヘクタールを有機農法に割り当てています。後者においては、人工肥料はもとより、殺虫剤や除草剤などの農薬を使用していません。 有機農法では、人工肥料を使わないため、通常農法と比べて作物の収量が少なくなります。このことが、通常農法による作物よりも高価である理由の一つです。それでも、タルボット農場では先季、かなりの収量を達成。通常農法による小麦の収量が1ヘクタールあたり約1.6トンだったのに対し、有機小麦では同1トンを若干上回る収量を記録しました。 タルボットさんは、家族の功績を誇りにするとともに、この先の100年間もこの地域で農業を営むことができることを期待しています。 農場から出荷された穀物が、製粉所に到着後、どのような工程を踏むかについては 動画による製粉所バーチャルツアーをご覧ください。

Kialla Farms, Theodore, Qld

Kialla’s 1200 hectare farm is about 30km south of Theodore in Central Qld. Half of the farm is currently In Conversion to Organic (see more below for more on the conversion process). About a third of the total farming area is irrigated using water from the Dawson river, which provides an excellent safeguard in times […]