Steve, Harrisville, Qld

Steve farms 300 hectares in the lush Lockyer Valley between Brisbane and the Great Dividing Range. And while this farm may seem small in comparison to some of the farmers that grow for Kialla, the small size is more than compensated for by the fertility of the soil. This means he’s able to grow a […]

Geoff, Cecil Plains, Qld

Geoff initially went into organic farming after seeing the marked difference in price received for specialty organic grains. However he was also concerned about the quantity of chemicals he had to use on his conventional crops. They were having to spray them every week. He says “I didn’t like having all those chemicals all over […]

Geoff, Cecil Plains, Qld

Geoff는 유기농 곡물을 재배하는 농민들이 받는 현저한 가격차를 보고 유기농 재배에 종사하기 시작하였습니다. 뿐만아니라 그는 전통재배 방식 하에서 사용되는 화학품의 양에 대해서도 많은 염려를 하였습니다. Geoff는 건강한 토양을 만들기 위하여 퇴비를 비료로 사용하였고 각종 퇴비를 시험 연구하였습니다. 그는 이렇게 하면 농작물이 더욱 잘 자랄 거라고 믿고 있습니다. 또한 호주 유기농의 전망에 대해 많은 관심을 갖고 […]

Geoff, Cecil Plains, Qld – クイーンズランド州セシルプレインズのジェフさん

ジェフさんは元々、スペシャルティ有機穀物に高値が付くのを見たことがきっかけで、有機農法を始めたといいます。通常農法では作物に大量の化学薬品を使用しなければならないことにも懸念を抱いてもいました。 ジェフさんは、土壌の健康状態を改善するため、肥料に堆肥を使用。異なる種類の堆肥で実験を行い、結果を比較した経験から、堆肥こそがより良い作物を栽培する秘けつであると結論付けました。オーストラリア国内の有機食品の今後の動向について高い関心を抱くとともに、他の農家も有機認定を受けることができるよう協力し、働き掛けることを喜びとしています。 食品に含まれる化学薬品の健康への影響について知っているからこそ、有機農法は「社会に対する善行」の一種であると考えているとのこと。 ジェフは、小麦、メイズ(とうもろこし)、ポップコーン、ソルガム(たかきび)、そば、亜麻仁(あまに)、ひよこ豆など、さまざまな作物をキアラピュアフーズ向けに栽培。 ジェフの家族は、1945年以来、この地域で農業を営んできました。 農場から出荷された穀物が、製粉所に到着後、どのような工程を踏むかについては 動画による製粉所バーチャルツアーをご覧ください。

Glenn, Laidley, Qld

Glenn’s 16 hectare farm in the Lockyer valley, between Brisbane and Toowoomba, seems surprisingly small in comparison to the holdings of many of the other farmers who grow for Kialla. However, the fertile black soils of the valley, laid down by volcanic activity millions of years ago, are able to produce high returns per hectare. […]