Myles & Angus, Weengallon, Qld

Myles and his son Angus farm 810 hectares near the locale of Weengallon, east of the Nindigully Pub and not too far from the NSW border. While it still appears on the map, Weengallon itself no longer even has the store that earned it’s status on the map! Moving to their current property around 10 […]

Gary, Westmar, Qld

Gary farms about 250 hectares near St George in southwest Queensland, where he grows wheat, mung beans and buckwheat for Kialla. He has been farming organically since 2013, after leaving a teaching career at an agricultural college. His wife’s family has been long-established in organic farming and he actually share farms part of his wife’s […]

Kialla Farms, Theodore, Qld

Kialla’s 1200 hectare farm is about 30km south of Theodore in Central Qld. Half of the farm is currently In Conversion to Organic (see more below for more on the conversion process). About a third of the total farming area is irrigated using water from the Dawson river, which provides an excellent safeguard in times […]

Lindsay & Jarrad, Rolleston, Qld

Lindsay and Jarrad’s farm is a family business with long term involvement in farming in Central Queensland. They also have properties from Emerald to Moura encompassing both beef and broad acre farming of both organic certified and non organic farming. The move to organic farming commenced 3 years ago at the Rolleston property, with future […]

Mike, Springsure, Qld

Mike는 Kialla에게 쌀수수, 해바라기, 경질소맥(빵을 만드는데 최고)과 연질소맥(케익을 만드는데 적합) 등 각종 농작물을 제공하고 있습니다. 그는 퀸즐랜드 중부에 2400헥타르의 유기농장이 있습니다. 이 농장은 그의 가족이 1963년부터 소유한 재산입니다. Mike는 부인, 두 딸과 함께 스프링수얼성 밖의 한 농장에서 생활하고 있습니다. 옥수수, 수수와 해바라기는 모두 1월달에 재배하고 여름에 수확하는 일년생 농작물입니다. Mike는 지난 여름의 강우 여부에 따라 […]

Mike, Springsure, Qld – クイーンズランド州スプリングシュアのマイクさん

マイクさんは、ホワイトソルガム(白たかきび)、ヒマワリ、硬質小麦(パン生地に最適)、軟質小麦(ケーキ作りに適する)など、さまざまな作物をキアラ向けに栽培しています。 クイーンズランド州中部に2400ヘクタールの有機農地を所有。1963年に家族が取得した土地です。スプリングシュアの外れにある農場で妻と2人の娘と暮らすマイクさん。 とうもろこし、ソルガム、ヒマワリはどれも夏まき(1月)1年生作物です。マイクさんは、夏季の降雨状況を考慮して、どんな作物を作付するかを決定します(何も作付けしない場合もあります)。 オーストラリアでは小麦は冬作物で、5カ月かけて栽培した後、10~11月頃に収穫します。 有機農家は、主な作物の次の作付けまでの裏作期に豆科植物を栽培することで土壌に窒素を戻します。堆肥化によっても、窒素とカリウムの含有量を増やすことができ、土地の肥沃度が改善します。通常の農法では、これは工場で製造された肥料によって行われます。 有機作物の出来不出来は、土壌の栄養分について農家がどれだけ熟知しているかに左右されます。とは言え、最終的に作物の出来を決めるのは、どんな場合でも天候であり、どんなに優秀な農家でもこれをコントロールすることはできません。 農場から出荷された穀物が、製粉所に到着後、どのような工程を踏むかについては。 動画による製粉所バーチャルツアーをご覧ください。

Mike, Springsure, Qld

Mike grows a variety of crops for Kialla, including white sorghum, sunflower, hard wheat (high protein wheat best for breads) and soft wheat (low protein wheat suitable for cakes). His 2400 hectares of organic farming land in Central Queensland has been in the family since 1963. At that time his father moved up from the […]