Kialla Farms, Theodore, Qld

Kialla’s 1200 hectare farm is about 30km south of Theodore in Central Qld. Half of the farm is currently In Conversion to Organic (see more below for more on the conversion process). About a third of the total farming area is irrigated using water from the Dawson river, which provides an excellent safeguard in times […]

Phil, Westmar, Qld

Phil grows wheat, linseed and mung beans for Kialla on a 200 hectare farm east of St George. He actually share farms his father-in-law’s organically certified property. Share farming means that the farmer pays a portion of his proceeds as ‘rent’ to the owner of the property. It provides a way for a person to farm […]

Lindsay & Jarrad, Rolleston, Qld

Lindsay and Jarrad’s farm is a family business with long term involvement in farming in Central Queensland. They also have properties from Emerald to Moura encompassing both beef and broad acre farming of both organic certified and non organic farming. The move to organic farming commenced 3 years ago at the Rolleston property, with future […]

Jules & Merridy, Gatton, Qld

Jules & Merridy’s farm lies in a beautiful valley on the edge of the fertile Lockyer Valley region in south east Queensland. Five years ago they made the shift from the mid north of South Australia looking for “greener pastures’’.  After the purchase of their property, it became evident very early on that they wanted […]

Jonathon, Kingaroy, Qld

Jonathon and Tracey farm 57 hectares of certified organic and “In Conversion” certified organic cropping land in the South Burnett region of Southern Queensland. They grow both KAMUT® khorasan, a breed of ancient wheat, and sunflower kernels for Kialla. Kialla recently acquired the exclusive Australian licence for the KAMUT® brand khorasan wheat. This trademark guarantees that […]

Roy, Boodua, Qld

Situated outside Boodua on the beautiful Darling Downs, Roy’s farm has been in the family for 5 generations and is living testament to their long held beliefs that the environment and farming can co-exist in harmony. While they’ve been farming here for over 100 years, it’s only in the last 30 years that they’ve been […]

Casey, Dalby, Qld

Casey share farms 100 hectares near Dalby on the Western Darling Downs. The rich black alluvial soils of the area are alkaline heavy clay (Vertosol) soils, which with their good water holding capacity produce some of the best cereal grains in Australia. As a share farmer Casey doesn’t live on the farm but ‘commutes’ to […]

Mike, Springsure, Qld

Mike grows a variety of crops for Kialla, including white sorghum, sunflower, hard wheat (high protein wheat best for breads) and soft wheat (low protein wheat suitable for cakes). His 2400 hectares of organic farming land in Central Queensland has been in the family since 1963. At that time his father moved up from the […]

Eric, Goondiwindi, Qld

A longer term organic farmer in the Goondiwindi region Eric grows organic barley, White French Millet and Grade A certified organic KAMUT® brand Khorasan wheat for us. Khorasan is an ancient wheat, however, only the KAMUT® brand of Khorasan is guaranteed to be always grown certified organic, never hybridized or genetically modified. Kialla has the […]

Mike & Bronnie, Hamilton, Vic

Located near Hamilton in south-west Victoria, the farm that provides our linseed (also known as flaxseed) is situated in prime farming land. This is due to both soil quality and the fact that rainfall is usually plentiful in the area. Both these factors, plus the farmers’ meticulous approach, ensure high quality crops. Their farming philosophy […]


Due to a surge of interest in chickpea products we were caught short this year as our farmers didn’t grow enough of the desi variety of chickpea which is popular for snacks and besan flour. Then a very dry summer growing season has exacerbated the shortage. As a consequence, this year we’ve had to source […]


Following a very dry year and shortage of organic barley grain, we’ve had to source our barley from Canada. The grain is grown by a variety of organic farmers in North Eastern Saskatchewan, Canada where a wealth of organic production occurs. Cereal grains, oil seed and pulses are all grown throughout the province. Companies such […]

Canada + Peter, Coombah

Farmers who usually grow spelt for us, for example Peter at Coombah , have had several challenging season, as the drought continues. This has resulted in a major shortage of organic Australian spelt. Consequently, we’ve had to source our spelt from Canada. Their spelt variety is known as CDC Origin. The suppliers work with several different farmers […]

Trader + Geoff

During this year’s growing season, Geoff, who has grown linseed for Kialla, experienced problems with crops. There was not enough yield to cover orders that we had from our customers. Linseed (also known as flaxseed) is a very challenging crop to grow organically. Not because it requires more nutrients or rain, but primarily because it is […]