Major, Goondiwindi, Qld

Although Major only got his full Organic Certification about 5 years ago he has essentially been farming organically for the past 30 years on his block, located about 90kms northeast of Goondi (as the locals call it). The farm is 913 hectares of pristine brigalow country – pristine in the sense that it has never […]

Ian, Meckering, WA

Ian grows rye for Kialla in Meckering in WA. It’s a long way to go for rye (or for the rye to come to us) however there has been a shortage of organic rye available on the East Coast for some years. We have even imported it from Finland at times to meet the demand.

Mitch & Nina, Ellangowan, Qld

Mitch & Nina farm 486Ha of beautiful alluvial black soil at Ellangowan on Queensland’s fertile Darling Downs. They started the 3-year conversion to organics in late 2015 after conducting research into human health and toxins, and the farm is now A-Grade certified organic. They grow millet for Kialla. Now they’ve converted over they absolutely love […]

Matt & Stephen, Springsure, Qld

Matt and Stephen grow various crops for Kialla, including mung beans, chick peas, barley, white sorghum and millet, on their farm about 50km south west of Springsure (Central Queensland). After growing up on the farm Matt became a diesel mechanic working in regional towns around the area while his father Stephen continued to grow crops […]

Geoff, Thallon, Qld

Geoff’s 1400 hectare farm is about 40km north of the NSW border, near the small town of Thallon on the Western Darling Downs. This is where he produces A-Grade Certified Organic wheat for Kialla. Back in 2015 he began growing wheat on land that hadn’t been fertilised artificially for some years. We then sold this […]

Myles & Angus, Weengallon, Qld

Myles and his son Angus farm 810 hectares near the locale of Weengallon, east of the Nindigully Pub and not too far from the NSW border. While it still appears on the map, Weengallon itself no longer even has the store that earned it’s status on the map! Moving to their current property around 10 […]

Gary, Westmar, Qld

Gary farms about 250 hectares near St George in southwest Queensland, where he grows wheat, mung beans and buckwheat for Kialla. He has been farming organically since 2013, after leaving a teaching career at an agricultural college. His wife’s family has been long-established in organic farming and he actually share farms part of his wife’s […]

Steve, Harrisville, Qld

Steve farms 300 hectares in the lush Lockyer Valley between Brisbane and the Great Dividing Range. And while this farm may seem small in comparison to some of the farmers that grow for Kialla, the small size is more than compensated for by the fertility of the soil. This means he’s able to grow a […]

Geoff, Cecil Plains, Qld

Geoff initially went into organic farming after seeing the marked difference in price received for specialty organic grains. However he was also concerned about the quantity of chemicals he had to use on his conventional crops. They were having to spray them every week. He says “I didn’t like having all those chemicals all over […]

Bruce, Roma, Qld

Bruce, his wife and young children live some 60km outside of Roma. They’ve been farming organically for about a decade and he cites becoming a father and starting to think about the health of his young family as the turning point that had him convert to organics. His father bought a farm in the area […]

Talbot, Yuleba, Qld

Talbot’s family has been farming in the Yuleba area for about 100 years. Back then everything was ‘organic’ in the sense that we understand it today. However, now they farm a mix of conventional and organic farming. Of their 8500 hectares, about 1200 is farmed using organic methods, which means no artificial fertilisers or chemicals […]

Graham, Dalby, Qld

Graham’s family has been farming west of Dalby for 65 years, and the 571 hectare farm has been fully organic for the last 12 years. He has grown mung beans, popcorn and wheat for Kialla. The first 2 crops will grow through the summer season, while wheat is a winter crop that is harvested late in […]

Fred, Greenmount, Qld

Fred farms about 200 hectares, very close to Kialla’s mill at Greenmount, near Toowoomba in Southern Queensland. Since he’s only about 30kms away he has actually been supplying the mill since it first started in 1987. And Fred was around long before that, having been farming in the Darling Downs area some 50 years. The […]

Trader Wayne

Yes, ‘Trader Wayne’ sounds like someone from the Wild West – but he’s actually based in Toowoomba not too far from the mill. The rye flour that he has supplied to us comes from a farmer in South Australia. Wayne is a commodity trader who focuses on contacting farmers all over Australia and negotiating deals […]

Neil, Kingaroy, Qld

Neil grew up on a farm in the Kingaroy area but actually went into building and had a plastering business for some years. Then in 2018 he felt called back to the farming life and purchased Jonathon’s organic farm in the area. Since then he’s grown organic popcorn and soy beans for us. We don’t […]